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3 Statistics, Thinking Smart about Home Security.

There used to be a time when people hid their cash, guns, and jewelry, below their beds, or inside a drawer, in the freezer, or in their closet. Those times are no longer. Today is necessary to protect your family consciously and this article gives light to 3 of the most common burglary statistics with hopes of motivating you to take action towards securing your property and well being. If you acknowledge the following 3 facts and act accordingly your house will be definitely safer.
1) Most Break-Ins Occur Between 10 am and 3 PM

Common thieves work the same daytime hours that everyone else does that is why most break ins occur between 10 AM and 3 PM which is when people are at work and their homes are left alone.  Assume that when you leave your house during the day that’s when it’s more exposed and at danger. Take all precautionary steps like closing doors, locks, and windows, activating alarms and surveillance systems. Employ some tactics and techniques to make it seem like you are home when you are not. Leave a light on, a radio playing, and some toys on the entrance. Today there are even some gadgets that can help with this like an intermittent light that simulates a television while turned on.

2) Most Burglars are in and out in only 8 to 12 minutes

Regardless of the presence of an alarm or security system most burglars are in and out of the house before the 10 minute mark. Having an alarm definitely puts pressure on the robber, but they can still do harm before police arrives. Nevertheless, for the average family this is a comforting fact because it means that with reasonable security measures major losses can be avoided. Added to high security locks and an alarm system, the use of properly installed safes, and video surveillance systems is an added hurdle that can reduce a loss to insignificant levels.
3) The Master Bedroom Is the First Target Most of the Time
This means they breach the house through a window. If you are not planning to install impact windows which are great to dissuade burglars, there are other things you can do to prevent a major loss if the break-in occurs, like installing a safe in the master bedroom, installing high security locks in the closets and compartments, or even using decoy  items with a lesser value. A common technique used in Latin-American countries where crime is rampant is the installation of a smaller safe with some items in it to hand out to burglars as a pleasing ploy, while the real stuff is hidden somewhere else. Consider hidden wall safes or floor safes.

Whichever the case, what is important is to take action. We know, thinking about security all the time is not fun for everyone –it is for us-, but if you are the head of your family it is a necessity, just get into your homeland-security mind-frame and create a security shield around your loved ones. Then call ASAP Locksmith, your Hollywood FL Locksmith, and we’ll help you implement your plan.

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