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Locksmith in Aventura, Hallandale, and Hollywood.

If you have driven around the tri-city area of Aventura, Hallandale Beach, and Hollywood with all certainty you have seen ASAP Locksmith’s Bus Stop Benches in US 1 and Hallandale Beach Boulevard (It’s impossible to miss them). They direct commuters to our Local Shop at 222 N Federal Hwy, across the street from Dunkin Donuts.

We have been there for more than 15 years.

Once you enter our store you’ll be greeted by Armando, who has been the store manager for 8 years now and is kind of an icon in the area. People know him by name and recognize him in the street when they see him, no wonder, since he has helped thousands of customers in the surrounding neighborhoods.

But what is it that we do to claim the title of best locksmith shop in the tri-city area of Aventura, Hallandale, & Hollywood FL? It’s really simple; we just love protecting your property and your well being. In other words, we are passionate about your security.

When you stop at any of our two locations in Hallandale or Dania for locksmith services you can rest assured you will find the most complete selection of keys for duplication, whether for your home or your business, or for your car.

A key copy might be a simple thing, but one of the most common complaints about locksmith shops is: “hey my key copies didn’t work”. That’s because the machines were not calibrated or the technician doing the copy was not trained properly. We at ASAP Locksmith, understand that big things start from simple things, that is why we make sure our key duplicates are flawless.

Key Inventory, we have anyone you need.

And we strife every day to instill that work ethic in all our employees, that’s the only way we know how to succeed. And now that we are re-launching our website and upgrading the company in all technological areas ASAP Locksmith, your Aventura Locksmith, is more passionate than ever to provide service and protection to you our customers.

To call the Hallandale Store: 954-889-0013

For Hallandale, Hollywood, or Aventura Locksmith Service Call: 954-457-2727

To Sign-Up for our Medeco Lock Group Deal Alerts:  TEXT ASAP to 57682

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Floor Safe Installation

Floor Safes have many benefits, in fact they are the preferred option for many customers, and no wonder about it. If you wish to conceal your safe installing it inside the ground makes it virtually impossible for burglars to find it, and that in and of itself is the deciding factor for many. Factors to consider before installing a floor safe, are: additional charge for installation, quick accessibility to the contents of the safe, and some concerns about flooding. However, when the conditions are right, there is nothing like an in-ground safe to provide security.

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