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A Burglar’s Quest (Infographic)

A Burglar's Quest
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Safe Opening Services in South Florida.

There is mystic to safes, and when they happen to be closed with no way of opening it but the graceful intervention of a safecracker, the mystic is two-fold, well at least for the hired safecracker. Any safe opening expert can tell you that all the patience and the hard work needed to open a safe is worth it when at last the sound of the lock opening is heard, it is a moment, they would tell you, in which adrenaline rushes through their heads. It has nothing to do with what might be found inside the safe and everything to do with the fulfillment of the safecraker’s destiny.

In this case one of our safe opening experts was sent to open this Mosler Safe and in an hour’s time the job was done.

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Decorative Door Hardware, from EMTEK.

Since the advent of National Chain Stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, and others, consumers have come to forget that the original and traditional providers of decorative door hardware have always been the Locksmiths. If you stop by any of your Local Locksmith stores very probably you will see a varied selection, like you can find in both of our showrooms in Hallandale and Dania. As an Emtek Dealer and a Locksmith with more than 2 decades in business, we can certainly help you achieve your decoration and protection goals.

It makes complete sense to install your door hardware with a true locksmith. Why? because as you make your house prettier you must also make it more secure. Decorative Door Hardware is one of those rare cases in which home decorators and security contractors can have a meeting of the minds. Security doesn’t have to be sacrificed for Aesthetics, and vice-versa.

One of the great things about the Emtek brand is that all their product line can be easily retrofitted with Medeco High Security Locks. This means that along those gorgeous handles you will also have all the benefits of High Security Locks, like restricted key duplication, ant-bumping, anti-picking, and anti-drilling construction, along with the personalized service that only a Fort Lauderdale Locksmith company like A.S.A.P. Lock & Safe can provide.

Come to any of our showrooms in Dania Beach, or Hallandale Beach, and start your decorative door hardware selection today with us.

Best Wishes,

Your Brick & Mortar Locksmith.


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