I am extremely pleased with the service I received from ASAP Locksmith today, Jim your technician, was on time and very professional, and he charged what you quoted. - Jill, Hollywood, FL
It is breath of fresh air to count with ASAP Locksmith every time we need service in any of our stores, I am glad I found you guys. - Felicia, CVS Stores
Thanks for opening the old safe I inherited from my family, I searched for weeks for a reliable locksmith and you knew what you were doing from the get go. - Carlos, Wilton Manors

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There is no better partner for your Decorative Door Hardware needs than ASAP Locksmith™. Nowhere else you will find an EMTEK Dealer and a MEDECO Dealer merged into one. Stop by our Dania Showroom to marvel at the wonderful EMTEK designs and receive our paramount security advise.


Emtek - Three Steps to Great Door Hardware.

Doors are mystical. They are the threshold that separates the outside from the inside, the exterior from the interior. Once crossed there is an immediate change in the passer’s state of mind. During our daily lives we tend to give them for granted but they are of extreme importance as is the way in which they are decorated since it reflects much of what is to be expected on the other side. Emtek, one of the most reputable Decorative Door Hardware companies in the world, gets it.

Decorating doors is a practice as old as human kind; perhaps a more recent development is the ability to combine effectively both aesthetics and the required security needed at the entry level. This is where a Locksmith company is of tremendous help to business owners, homeowners, or interior designers when deciding which type of entrysets, deadbolts, sideplates, hinges, knobsets, or leversets, to use in their doors.

First Step – Browse Emtek’s Website.

As a first step it is always recommendable to browse Emtek’s website which has amazing resources to spark creativity and get inspiration, there you will find pictures of every single item they produce but also videos and project galleries to help you choose the best option for you. The door hardware offering, with design sets for all tastes, is vast, including: Contemporary, American and European Traditions, Rustic Living, Arts and Crafts, and even Crystal and Porcelain stylings, and you are guaranteed in finding what you need.

Second Step – Visit an Emtek Dealer Showroom.

Once you  have a good idea of what you want why not take your time and go see it in person, after all the hardware will remain in place for years to come and this is a great chance to go visit a local door hardware company with an Emtek Showroom. In general these companies are locksmiths with a local store - ASAP Lock & Safe is one of the biggest Emtek Dealers in the South Florida area catering to Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties – where you will be able to pick up a catalog for further research and where you can also be advised on how your doors can be protected. 

Third Step - Secure and Decore.

Make a definitive list of all the door hardware items you will need and coordinate with your locksmith company the functions of the locks, leversets or knobsets, to insure you will have the right functionality within your location. For example, door hardware can have a Passage Function, or a Storeroom Function, the difference being the way in which the outside lever works, being locked or free at all times. This will depend on the practicality of your own home. But perhaps more important is converting the perimeter locks into high security locks by retrofitting them with Medeco Cylinders and gain the amazing benefit of the restricted key duplication that can only be offered by Medeco Authorizes dealers like us. 

To conclude, and this is the reason behind writing this article, there is no better partner than ASAP Lock & Safe for all of your Decorative Hardware needs because it is the only place from the Keys to Fort Lauderdale where you will be able to beautify and protect your doors at the same time. You can visit our Dania Showroom at 1944 Tigertail Blvd, or call 954-457-2727 for more information.So no need to browse on that Emtek Dealer Locator any more. Voila !



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