I am extremely pleased with the service I received from ASAP Locksmith today, Jim your technician, was on time and very professional, and he charged what you quoted. - Jill, Hollywood, FL
It is breath of fresh air to count with ASAP Locksmith every time we need service in any of our stores, I am glad I found you guys. - Felicia, CVS Stores
Thanks for opening the old safe I inherited from my family, I searched for weeks for a reliable locksmith and you knew what you were doing from the get go. - Carlos, Wilton Manors

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High Security Locks & Restricted Key Duplication

ASAP Locksmith™ can help you install real peace of mind in your doors. We are an awarded Medeco Security Center as such we will offer you the highest quality of service and top quality Miami Locks or Fort Lauderdale Locks intallation. Call us at 954-457-2727 Now. 


An often overlooked element in many security systems is the high security lock, when in reality good locks are as important as home alarms or video surveillance. Why? Very simple, statistically the most frequent point of entry for burglars when breaking into a home is the front door. So which type of lock do you have installed? The answer should be a High Security Lock.

The difference between a Standard Lock and High Security Locks is from day to night. 

To begin with the duplication is strictly restricted. In systems like the one established by Medeco Fort Lauderdale a Medeco Dealer cannot make a key copy without seeing the ID of the person on file in the their archives, if it is anybody else the Locksmith simply won’t cut the key, no exceptions, which gives real peace of mind.

 Many important differences lie also on the hardware itself which makes a high security lock an unlikely target to burglary techniques like bumping, picking, prying, and drilling. For example Medeco Miami Locks have stainless steel pins that prevent prying and drilling, they also have a shroud which prevents tools from grabbing hold of the internal mechanisms to open the lock. They are bump resistant because of a system that incorporates rotating pin tumblers which don’t allow bump keys enough kinetic force to   bypass the lock, this is also in relation to the angled key cuts that only high security Miami Locks have. 

So it really makes no sense to believe that a standard lock is affording you with real protection, if you are still not convinced, think about the following fact. When you got to a National Chain store, for example, to buy a lock set, those keys offer no more than 50 different blueprint variations, or key cuts, that means that if you take one of those keys and take a walk down you neighborhood sticking it in front door locks you will open one sooner than you think because the key cuts will match.

Apart from installing high security locks with a Medeco Locksmith, you should also listen to their advice with regards to additional way of securing your door which is often overlooked, for example, how good are your strike plates? Or do you need to install a single sided or a double sided deadbolt. These are questions that A.S.A.P., your Locksmith in Fort Lauderdale, in Miami, and in any city in the South Florida Area can answer to you immediately. So call 954-457-2727 for Broward or 305-932-4405 for Miami.

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