I am extremely pleased with the service I received from ASAP Locksmith today, Jim your technician, was on time and very professional, and he charged what you quoted. - Jill, Hollywood, FL
It is breath of fresh air to count with ASAP Locksmith every time we need service in any of our stores, I am glad I found you guys. - Felicia, CVS Stores
Thanks for opening the old safe I inherited from my family, I searched for weeks for a reliable locksmith and you knew what you were doing from the get go. - Carlos, Wilton Manors

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ASAP Locksmith™s provides safes services in all of South Florida including Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. Safe sales, safe repair, safe moving, safe installation, we do it all. Just visit one of our showrooms or call us at 954-457-2727.

Fire Safes

Acquiring safes that withstand fire means acquiring high-quality safes. A fire in a house or business can rise to 1,200 F. So as to resist such high temperatures, fire safes are built with reinforcements like, fireboard layers, thicker gauges and special fire seals, resulting in stronger and more prepared safes, not only to endure a fire event, but by default, also to avoid burglaries. Fire Safe quality can vary greatly, depending on the fire rating, which in turn depends on the construction, and quite often, the brand. We offer a range of Fire Safes. We will guide you through the available models and advise you appropriately.

Home Safes

Installing a safe is one of the wisest decisions a household can make. People buy home safes to protect against a burglary. Many of our customers enter the home after a break-in, regretting that they had not bought one before. But a burglary is not the only reason to install home safes. The mere thought of a house fire, is enough to encourage you to get one. Remember there is the need to not only protect jewelry but also to protect important documents. Remember too, natural disasters like hurricanes, are a real factor. One needs a secure place for important belongings. A properly installed safe can give added peace of mind. Come to our showroom or call to speak with one of our safe experts! Learn more about which home safe would be best suited to you, given your specific needs and circumstances.

Office Safes

A leading concern for business owners is the safekeeping of critical documents and other important valuables. In our showroom, or Online, you will be able to find a wide variety of office safes to choose from. It is important to anticipate potential losses with top quality protection, whether a break-in, an internal thief or a fire, the level of stress on a business operation can be great when any of these unforeseen events strikes, and a well placed safe can avoid problems and save a lot of money. We have advised hundreds of businesses throughout the years, on how to use office safes. We look forward to do the same for you.

Depository Safes

Depository Safes are needed today, more than ever. If your business runs on cash, then a depository safe is a must. The key factor in deciding which type to use, is the way in which it is practical for you to load cash into it. Front Loading, Rear Loading, Top Loading, or Under Counter, we have them all, including depository safes with Rotary Hoppers, to further prevent burglaries. Another important feature to look for is the incorporation of multiple compartments with individual access. For a store manager, this aspect can prove highly convenient, in order to store different kinds of valuables separately. Stop by our location! Learn about the many options for depository safes. Browse Online and call our safe experts to assist you.

Jewelry Safes

We offer one of the most comprehensive jewelry safe selections in the industry. We take pride in the high quality custom safe interior design we have provided over the years, to many satisfied customers. Protecting valuables, such as jewelry, is one of the investments one should not hesitate to make. We can craft a jewelry safe , based on your own specifications. Ultra suede-line drawers, jewelry compartments, mounted handles from Italy, mitered drawer joints, premium drawer slides and watch winders, can all be perfectly tailored to your needs. But most important of all, is the fire resistance and burglary protection with which our jewelry safes are built. We also offer installation guidance and expertise. What we offer, combined will make even the most determined burglar desist immediately!

Personal Safes

Store your most important documents and valuables in a personal safe. The important factor when choosing one, is how resistant it is to a fire and burglary, two events for which you should take precautions. We offer the trusted brands on the market, along with many other options to fit your budget. Remember,s the higher the fire rating, the less probable for a burglar to pry a personal safe. There are different personal safe configurations available, like choosing between a combination or a digital lock, or the shape of the safe, depending on where you will install it. Call us with your questions or visit us in our showroom.

Wall Safes

One of the most effective ways of concealing a Safe is to install it in the inside of a wall, since it can be hidden at the location of your choice, within your home. It is not recommended to use a wall safe if you want to have your valuables protected against fire, since they are of thinner construction and would’t stand high rising temperatures for long (even though there are models that have the UL fire rating). But still, they remain the safe of choice for many customers, who find the concealing aspect appealing. We recommend them for certain types of situations, and also for use in conjunction with other types of safes within the residence. A wall safe always requires a crafty installation. We can recommend specialized professionals.

Floor Safes

For customers looking to conceal valuable items, a floor safe can be extremely effective. Due to the underground location they are also very secure against burglaries and fires, and they are a cost effective way of protecting against them, in comparison with full featured burglary and fire safes. Important to consider is that water can be a factor since it will penetrate the safe in case of flood. In general terms the items put inside of floor safe are not of frequent use due to the intricate access it has, and their installation can become labor intensive. Nevertheless, they are the right option for many customers, who usually use them along with other types of safes in their residences. We can provide you with a complete selection of floor safes for your choosing, just browse and call, or visit our showroom.

High Security Safes

A High Security Safe is considered to be above the average quality of protection offered in the safe industry. The most widely accepted standards come from Underwriters Laboratories, in which a safe can be tested for burglary, fire, or both. These are examinations in which the safes are attacked by knowledgeable pry experts with all kinds of tools, drills, saws, even abrasive chemicals; or subdued under different types of fire and heat exposure. Ultimately, UL classifies the tested Safe under its reputable rating system. Also important for a High Security Safe is the quality of the lock, which in its own is a category, tested for quality by UL. What matters most if you are interested in a High Security Safe is to learn more about Fire and Burglary Protection ratings and be well advised by a safe expert. There is wealth of options available.

Hotel Safes

ASAP Safes is able to provide your facility with the right ‘hotel safe’ for your needs. Not only that, we also run the most successful locksmith operation in South Florida and are capable of providing you with 24-hour service in case of any issue with your safes. Nowadays hospitality guests are more demanding than ever and we have the knowledge to advise you as to what are the latest technology advances in hotel room safety; perhaps what is more important, is that we will offer you the most competitive prices. Fully motorized safes, Electronic digital features, fully motorized with two locking bolts, laptop computer size, LED display, audit-trail, emergency openings by electronic master code, manual key override, and pre-drilled anchor holes and mounting hardware included, are features we can incorporate into your safes. If you are looking to supply your hospitality facility with top quality safes at the best prices, and the best service, just call and request a quote with our sales department.

Used Safes

When it is up to Used Safes we are perfectly positioned to offer you a wide variety. We have been in business for more than 15 years and have a great collection of used safes, whether used gun safes, used home safes, or used safes from any of the well known manufacturers out there like: amsec, liberty, cannon, sentry, stack-on, browning, or any other brand out there, very probably we will have one waiting for you in our Showroom. Most importantly we usually offer used safes at the the best prices you can find in the market simply because we constantly need to make room in our showroom for the new arrivals. So if you are thinking about a used safe you can’t go wrong with us, just call or visit and we will assist you.

Safes On Sale

As one of the main providers in South Florida we are constantly putting together seasonal promotions which you can take advantage off, but you can also find a permanent line of safes on sale at your disposition, which you can browse below. We carry all types of safes: Home Safes, Office Safes, Fireproof Safes, Jewelry Safes, Gun Safes, Personal Safes, Wall Safes, Floor Safes, Depository Safes, High Security Safes, Hotel Safes, and we might have a special price for any of these categories, so you might as well try and contact us to see what is available. One thing we will never do is to compromise your safety just to give you a good price, every time you make a purchase with us you will know exactly what you are getting, which is usually the best.

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