I am extremely pleased with the service I received from ASAP Locksmith today, Jim your technician, was on time and very professional, and he charged what you quoted. - Jill, Hollywood, FL
It is breath of fresh air to count with ASAP Locksmith every time we need service in any of our stores, I am glad I found you guys. - Felicia, CVS Stores
Thanks for opening the old safe I inherited from my family, I searched for weeks for a reliable locksmith and you knew what you were doing from the get go. - Carlos, Wilton Manors

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North Miami Beach Locksmith

A.S.A.P. has been the preferred Locksmith in North Miami Beach since 1993, due to the quality of our service. For immediate assistance in Lockouts, Rekeys, Medeco Locks, or Lock Repairs, call now at 305-932-4405. Watch the video to enjoy an important piece of North Miami Beach History


The Locksmith profession is one of the oldest ones in our history, the necessity for protecting property and the human life has existed since time immemorial. We at ASAP Lock & Safe are aware of this history and are proud to be representatives of this craft, always increasing our knowledge mechanical locking principles, while staying on top of the latest digital advancements. 

We are a disappearing breed of businesses these days, that is, a business with a Brick and Mortar location, and especially in the Locksmith industry, the advent of the internet has enabled a host of individuals to start their ‘locksmith business’ with a simple website. The problem, without disqualifying honest efforts, is that the majority of results in any search engine for the word ‘North Miami Beach Locksmith’, for example, do not belong to businesses with a formal physical location; they belong to individuals who do not have locksmith certifications and in many cases end up overcharging customers as part of a systematic scheme. 

On the contrary we at ASAP Lock & Safe have been serving South Florida’s since 1993, and North Miami Beach is one of the neighborhoods where we constantly get referrals from. When you hire us to do your lock installation, make no mistake about it, you are partnering with the No. 1 North Miami Beach Locksmith. We have 12 vehicles to serve you, this translates into fast arriving times to lockout emergencies, but even more important than our speed is the fact that the ones driving those vehicles, our technicians, are simply the best in the business, why? Because we make sure we hire the most knowledgeable guys out there. 

That is why, Medeco, the most important High Security Lock company in the world, has awarded us with the Medeco Security Center accolade, which is only given to Locksmith companies of certain size and experience. What type of Lock will you be installing? Are you moving to a new home with Medeco Locks and need to rekey them? Do you know the difference between a regular SC1 Schlage key, and a Medeco Key? We can gladly answer all these questions and more; just call ASAP your preferred Locksmith in North Miami Beach at 305-932-4405. 


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